"Didn't think I'd be writing this" has become a popular phrase we've all been seeing around the Instagram space these days as shops left and right are annoucing their newest products: Masks.

And for one, I myself, never thought that my first blog post would be about the said topic! I have made draft posts of many different topics, from weaning off of pacifiers to potty training, but before any of those go up, this one topic had to be covered first.

As of right now, our shop will not be making masks for resale. If I find out that our local health care facilities are in need of masks, I will make them for donation purposes. 

Although I am a pacifier clip and blanket shop, the fabric used for our blankets is 100% cotton, but Gauze, which does not fit the CDC's recommendation of fabric for masks, therefore I would have to purchase fabric to get masks made. Where we are located, we have two local fabric stores, one of which is completely closed; the other, pick up only. On top of those two hoops I'd have to jump through to get fabric access, recieving emails stating that there is a shortage of elastic and that the turnaround time to ship fabric is being pushed to 30 days made me realize that there are quite a bit of shops out here making masks, who have experienced seamstresses on hand and resources. I opt to cheer those shops on from the side instead of dipping into their already limited supplies. Just because I could, doesn't equal an "I should". Knowing that our local alternation shops and seamstresses have already hit the road with their donations, I've opted to leave the fabric in our one local store available for the ladies who have already been doing this for weeks. 

So, to show support for the ladies who have taken on the jobs of mask making, I'll be compiling a list (and keeping it up to date with dates of restocks) for those that are in need of masks and are looking for a reliable source to purchase from.

(Reminder: masks are not foolproof and the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home and wash hands frequently if leaving the home. Note also that the CDC does not recommend the use of masks for children under the age of 2 for safety reasons.)

Shops with Tutorials to make your own:

Sweet as April  @sweet_as_april

Joyfully Stitched  @joyfully.stitched


Mask Maker Masterlist:


Breilee: @breilee.co



Briar Baby: @briarbaby 



Hedley and Bennett: @hedleyandbennett



Joyfully Stitched: @joyfully.stitched



Khanh: @khanh.co


Mae And Skye: @maeandskyeco



Modern Piggy: @modernpiggy



Nordic Raine: @nordic.raine.crochet


The House of Woo: @the.house.of.woo



The Little Design Co: @thelittledesignco



Yelf Co: @yelf_co


To my Canadian Readers 

Ulla + Viggo: @ullaviggo



Etsy Marketplace:  -  simply search FABRIC MASK and you will get hundereds of options to choose from


For now, these are the shops that I am aware of. If you know of another shop or website, feel free to drop their information down in the comments below or on our most recent Instagram post and I'll update the list.

Now, stay safe AND wash your hands.